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Black Hole - White Hole , 2022/23; headset capture documentation of roomscale VR composed of cgi and rendered 3d stereoscopic A.I, 360 3d video.

Black Hole - White Hole is a diagram for the mirror merging of the two singularities; consciousness and event. Transpiring simultaneously in a cell, a body and a world; the VR fuses CGI with panoramic video to depict the inherent bias of perspectivism. Bursting through the surface tension that provides coherence to each successive panoramic milieu, the viewer's perspective moves from centred to dislodged.

In an endless torrent, all emerges from a white hole. Persisting in our view; the whole scene is concentrated into a singular point- a black hole. The point distorts whatever is adjacent to the view – pulling everything into itself. A single tree stands central in a series of panoramas that sink and melt into one another. Each of the trees are surrounded by wooden fencing. Isolated, they are a multitude non the less. Spheres periodically float up from the panorama's nadir and envelope the viewer in new panoramic vistas. After an interval they float up and disappear into the zenith. Inside the spheres, the viewer floats through images. The view is of two hemispheres; one side, the lens based perspective. The other side, an A.I. interpretation of the lens view; 'imagining' of progression through place. Custom CGI 'effects' are employed as metaphor for various notions such as a plasticity, fragmentation of being, idea, memory, mind process and machine vision.