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Barrier Reliefs, animations projected onto wall reliefs, 9/2022. video file, UST projector, mixed media.

install at Feedback #6: Marshall McLuhan and the arts , Fonderie Darling, Montreal, 2022. 3D lenticular prints, acrylic, pigment print.
Shroud: Transit of Twins, 2021. pigment print on organza, acrylic paint, mixed media.
Nada Governors Island

Shroud: Myselleum Chamber, 2021, Pigmented inkjet print on organza fabric, wire, mixed media. from The Thick Stream group show at Canada 7/21
the Shrouds are ghosts of the solipsistic sensibility of perspectivism as related to the panoramic image.
panoramic photos printed on fabric draped over unspecified objects (photos courtesy of Canada Gallery)
Transition To Rising - abstracted from a HMD VR piece ( re:Black Hole White Hole); this video work shot at the start of Covid19 panorama - to each their own tree, eventually the barrier comes down and an uprising ensues, skipping along but not out of the woods. 4k video 2:43mins 2020