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The works below are select Stereo-3d video projects made between 2005 - 2012 (longer descriptions and clip extracts are linked to stills). Referred to as Higher Dimensional video to emphasize approaches made to depict the third dimension in various ways not necessarily restricted to a registry of binocular depth.


Edia - stereo-3d hd video, and performed live render - 35-40 minutes - 2005-2011. -

Edia  is screen based presention depicting a cosmology of digital space.The base elements of the screen signal are shown as building blocks for a threshold space that is neither interior or exterior proper. The space is revealed to be creative, infinite and non contiuous.  Distributed throughout, we see a metaphysics of interior human space as an exploded view of the self. The self no longer confined to an individualist notion. More>>


edia 3


Occupy mIage - Stereo-3D video projection - 13 minutes - 2012

The conventional use of parallax in 3d media presumes a coherent Cartesian space. The meshing and sequential dissolving of varying perspectives and disparate spaces in Occupy Image destabilizes the illusion and expectation of space. What is expressed in its place is an expanded sense of parallax in regards to depth perception. One where depth is a negotiation of difference to be perceived by combining the here with a formally unrelated there, and there and so on. More>>

Chiral Eyes - Stereo-3D video projection - 6 minutes - 2011

The short experimental narrative depicts the dual nature and internal negotiations of a polarized individual. The subject appears on-screen as two opposing versions of the same person. The viewer's left and right eyes see isolated portrayals of the individual. The unique presentation offers two distinct perspectives. Viewers of the work can read the narrative in variable ways by alternatively  blinking or covering either of their eyes. While wearing polarized glasses, both views are combined to produce the stereoscopic 3d image

Occupy Image Chiral


Outlook Expressed- stereo-3d HD video, 5.5 minutes, 2011.

The short stereo 3d video is about looking as primal form of transformation. Spherical entities progress through various spaces, their surface appearance responds to environment -- joining occasionally. The frame moves from the surface of our sphere up to the sky - an appreciation for the porous membrane that envelopes us in space..



Insight's Cataract - stereo-3d hd video, 8 minutes - 2008. - The music of caterpillars going through puberty. The full video linked to stills.



After The Ediacaran - stereo-3d hd video, 6 minutes, 2008.

drawing inspiration from theories derived from studies on the traces of the Ediacaran period identified in shale found near Banff Canada. The theory is that at this period, creatures evolved the faculty of sight, from which an explosion of diversity in life form and appearance ensued. The stereo-3d animation begins by parading a series of stills. Using an edge detection algorithm and paint tool to sample the stills - brush strokes behave like cellular automata - painting the dance of appearances.




The Birds Of The Scene - stereo-3d dv video, 6 minutes - 20006. - a video stream of consciousness - the thoughts and reveries of the video engine. A sketch for Edia.



The Two In The One - stereo-3d dv, 8 minutes - 2005. - looking at video as recorder of appearances and convenient mnemonic device; the ubiquitous verificationist for a surveillance society. The short Stereo-3D video invites contemplation on the subject of antimatter in particular regards to notions of causal action and space time. The work visualizes a matter/antimatter interaction, drawing inspiration from the Feynman-Stueckelberg Interpretation which regards antimatter as identical to matter but moves backward in time.