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Uni-reversal Day Stage - 2010 , Stereo 3D video

Uni-reversal Day Stage: view from the look out stage. Here, as ever, the world turns. We face inwards without horizon, all appears backwards. The familiar relief of the continents is inverted; appearing as a depression. The blue oceans brim at the coasts.

Uni-reversal Day Stage is a projection installation where the The floor space of the projection is a 'walkable' surface. It's based on a 3D-Stereo video from 2010 made for an installation of Edia. It was inspired by the cosmology of the The Koreshan Unity, a late-19th/early-20th century religious utopian community in Southern Florida . Their view was that humans are existing on the inside of a world – inside-out and looking inwards. Paul Virillo wrote about a post horizon sensibility where screen life, ubiquitous surveillance and connectivity on the internet would lead to this looking inwards- a 'world' with all points visible at once.

The display file is 16:9 (1920x1080) but the projection is variable for the installation. Two projectors, video player.